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About You

Your Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Loganville, GA

Our Unique Approach to Dentistry

A "YOU" focused Loganville dental office.

Everything we do is about you. We want you to feel good about your visit. As your chosen dentist in Loganville, GA, we place your concerns and needs above our own and focus everything on your well‐being, happiness, and comfort. We have over ten years experience caring for the families in our wonderful community.

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Dentistry Is Our Profession, But People Are Our Focus

As your dentist in Loganville, GA, we make it our goal to ensure your visit is always comfortable and pleasant.

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Calming Your Nerves

It is natural to be apprehensive about your dental visit but our caring team helps you overcome this by getting to know you and addressing your concerns.

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Ready for an Easy Visit?

Dentistry doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. Our compassionate team makes sure to educate you on your treatment, answer any questions, and provide convenient care.

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Going the Extra Mile

From easy scheduling to post-treatment check-ups, our team strives to show you how important you are to us during every stage of your visit.

Meet Our Caring Loganville Dentists

Dedicated to making your dental experience the best it can be.
Dr. Victor Koehler - one of our dentists in Loganvill, GA

Dr. Victor Koehler

“Every decision we make is based around one theme: What is best for the patient?”

Dr. Beau Upshaw - one of our dentists in Loganvill, GA

Dr. Beau Upshaw

“I look forward to getting to know you more and your dental goals.”

Dr. Stewart Helton - one of our dentists in Loganvill, GA

Dr. Stewart Helton

“I will take the time to get to know you and make sure your experience is a great one.”

We Will Wow You With Kindness

We take our time, listen, and earn your trust.

Led by our trio of expert dentists at our Loganville dentist office, our united team leave quite an impression with our patients. Using enthusiasm, kindness, and positivity we are able to make anyone who visits our office smile. Our adaptable approach means our office is always welcoming with each patient being cared for in a way they feel comfortable. We genuinely care about you and your smile, so offer top tips and helpful advice to keep you healthier for longer.

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Friendly, courteous, professional with expert care and service. I commute 600 miles round-trip for my appointments because I have such trust for Dr. Koehler and his entire staff.
- Larry L. (Actual Patient)

Warmly Welcoming All Patients

Whether you are one of our loyal patients or new to our office, we have everything you need for an enjoyable dental experience.